Beach Style Interior Book vol.1


Amir, the owner of this house, visited California for the first time in his late 20s. "My friend lived in Los Angeles, where I was invited to visit" and this was the trigger. He fell in love with the land of California at a glance, and says he packed his bags six months later and moved to Southern California. "And since that, I never thought of going back to the East Coast where I had spent the first half of my life."

Born in Brooklyn and living on the East coast, Amir moved to Southern California in his late 20s. He found success working for a financial affiliate PennyMac. "I love living in Santa Monica - it feels like I'm on a constant vacation (well at least when I don't have to be in the office working)!"


"This was my first home purchase and when I bought the place it was pretty chaotic. Fortunately, I was able to see that it had a lot of potential." In addition to the beautiful Santa Monica location, there is also a private parking garage for three cars, as well as ample outdoor space. "It had all of the essentials I desired." As a result, he hired interior designer Sarah Barnard to create the perfect home. "Being so near to the Pacific Ocean, it was important to us to honor the sea and bring the surrounding nature inside. Natural textiles, vintage furniture and ample plant life to encourage connection with friends, family and the outdoors."

Sarah Barnard, whose diverse body of work includes upscale private residences throughout the greater Los Angeles area says "Amir wanted his home to be handsomely appointed, masculine and enduring. My team and I gathered artisan made and antique pieces from across the globe. Pottery from Spain, lighting from Italy, a favorite arm chair from Brazil. The collected aesthetic honors and appreciates arts from many cultures."

This home is packed with all of Amir 's ideals. As a designer, Sarah provided the vision to transform the home into exactly what he wanted. "To say there is one part I love the most is difficult since I find so much of it appealing, but the master bedroom would have to be the area that likely stands out the most. Although the Marble bar is exquisite!" Amir commented with a laugh. The area formerly designated for formal dining was repurposed as a custom marble bar, maximizing the space for entertaining. 

Amir spends his time at home either hanging out with friends, or a girlfriend, or his younger brother. If the house is lovingly loved, everyday life must be more fun!

Written By: Saki Yamanouchi

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Photos By: Steven DeWall

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