"Ocean Avenue"- Casa International, January 2013

Beijing's acclaimed interior design magazine features a beautiful five page pictorial on the work of Sarah Barnard Design.


Sustainable design means different things to different people, but at its core, sustainability is the sensibility that objects and materials which are sourced responsibly are also beneficial for our mental and physical well-being, too. For professionals, sustainability is a standard that ensures our spaces are safe, comfortable, and beautiful. Interior designers like Sarah Barnard make decisions throughout the entire process that are geared towards that end: beauty and functionality melded in the healthiest way possible.


Working out of her Los Angeles based studio, Sarah Barnard is intrigued by clients who have unusual requests and lives for a challenge. She hasn’t met one yet that she didn’t like. In this project, the owners wanted an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  They wanted a space conducive to relaxation and meditation.


This space is quite small (under 2000 SF) and so creating a sense of visual expanse was challenging. One strategy Sarah Barnard employed to raise the ceiling height was to paint out the crown molding to match the wall and ceiling color (but not the baseboard).


The media room also functions as a second bedroom with a contemporary sofa that folds out into a comfy guest bed.  Also, this penthouse overlooks Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California. Anything that needed to go inside the apartment had to fit in the freight elevator. If the item could fit in the freight elevator...it couldn't be a part of the design!


The aesthetic is generally quiet and is a combination of contemporary pieces and vintage items. The living area is intentionally light and bright, encouraging the walls and furnishings to recede so that the ocean views can remain the focus. The master bedroom is intentionally considerably darker to promote sleep, while the horizontal lines of the furnishings and drapery echo the direction of the shoreline.  Careful selection of organic natural textiles, non-toxic wall finishes, re-use of on-site materials as was feasible, incorporation of vintage fixtures and furnishings as well as energy efficient appliances and lighting.


This space is amazing! The clients live full time in the San Francisco Bay Area and use this unit as a relaxing retreat. Everyone who visits falls in love with the interior and the views!

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

To learn more about Sarah Barnard Design, please visit www.SarahBarnard.com.