Life Rolls On: Corporate Office Design Project

Design and fabricate a fantastic new office space that melds form and function with strict accessibility requirements and virtually no budget? Challenge accepted! In Icon Magazine's article "Roll With It," Sarah details her involvement in an ambitious pro-bono design project benefiting the non-profit organization Life Rolls On, which helps individuals with spinal cord injuries see possibility beyond paralysis.


The article explains that the LRO organization was founded in 2002 by a competitive surfer paralyzed in a surfing accident. When their headquarters upgraded from a cramped office to one nearly double the size, they realized they needed a designer to help fill that extra space! Enter Sarah Barnard Design, a participant in The 1% programs which connects non-profits with designers willing to donate their services.

Through the donation of an estimated 200 hours, the four-person firm rallied individuals and companies in the local community to donate money, time, and resources. Keeping in mind Sarah's commitment to sustainability in design, nothing went to waste! From re-purposed skateboard decks to "surprise" furniture donations, this space not only utilizes all creative opportunities but thoughtfully incorporates design elements into a cohesive design that reflects the organization itself.

Be sure to read the full article in Icon Magazine for even more insight on this exciting project! To learn more about Life Rolls On, visit their website at For more information about The 1% program, visit

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