Living With History: Focus on Antiques


Collecting antiques can quickly become a way of life. Not only are you accumulating one of a kind objects, but you are surrounding yourself with history.  When purchasing antique furniture, it's essential to have done your research!


An excellent place to start is by educating yourself on different types of antiques.  Did you know that an authentic antique must be over 100 years old?  A great place to start is the library.  Familiarizing yourself with different styles will make you an educated shopper.


Learn how methods of furniture fabrication have changed throughout the eras.  This familiarity will help you distinguish a real antique from a modern day knock off.  Keep in mind that imperfections mean that a piece was hand made rather than cut from machinery.

Develop an eye for different types of wood; it will help determine a piece's value.  Walnut, for instance, is considered high-end and will appraise the piece at a higher cost.


Once you are familiar, start shopping! Often you can find great deals at garage sales and flea markets.  However, if you're looking for something specific it might be a good idea to check with an antique dealer or well connected interior designer.

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