Party Planning With Style

Dinner parties or other home gatherings can be remarkable when a keen eye for detail and that special finishing touch are involved. When first starting the party planning process, scope out the locations in the home that will provide the space for the event. What appropriate accessories do you already own? How is the lighting? What tasks need completing before space can function? Consider rearranging furniture to create a fresh new look for the room and to open up the space to accommodate guests.

For a Christmas party, your decorated Christmas tree can provide a terrific backdrop. As most holiday accessories are collected over the years, using them to decorate your space is a nice personal touch and can be a conversation starter. Furniture can be rearranged around the tree to create a new lounge-like seating area for guests to occupy before or after dinner.


Small accessories used as accents are great for decorating any space and can help with the theme of your party. Here, a silver-leafed sea shell and starfish can serve a summertime, beach themed soiree.


For the dinner table, centerpieces and table settings genuinely add to the ambiance of the room. In this modern dining room, the pink tinted china adds a pop of color and compliments the nature-inspired centerpiece. Additionally, to set a table correctly can impress guests while adding dimension to the table as the glassware in the photo does.


Lighting can play a significant role in the general atmosphere of your party. Here, a candlelit chandelier gives cozy warmth to the room.  Consider having lit candles throughout the rest of the house to continue this warm feel for your party. Natural lighting can also work for your event.  In this ocean view penthouse, the floor to ceiling window lights up this entertaining area. For your house, open up those curtains before the sun goes down to enhance any room.

Text by: Danielle Tosaya     Interiors by: Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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Decorating with Seasonal Details

The changing seasons can serve as the perfect inspiration for updating a room's decor, and is a great way to keep rooms looking fresh!  Check out these seasonal details from Sarah Barnard Design.

Fresh flowers bring life and color to a room.


Pastel colored flatware reflects the blooming flowers outside.

Fresh fruit reminds us of the lush bounty brought from spring showers.

Sea themed decor gives any room the easy-breezy feeling of summer at the beach.


 Rustic wood flatware recalls a cool autumn day.

Neutral tones and orange flowers mimic the changing fall leaves. 

Holiday garland, white flowers, and traditional Christmas decor adds holiday cheer.

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

To learn more about Sarah Barnard Design, please visit