Seaside Inspiration: Custom Wall Sconces for a Pacific Palisades Home

Lighting is essential to any interior design project. Sarah Barnard creates custom lighting designs for her clients' homes that consider form beyond functionality. "Lighting should do more than simply serve a purpose. It can become a focal design element that reflects a theme or a work of art in itself."

Sarah works closely with local artisans and craftspeople to realize her designs. "It all begins with an idea. I often take formal inspiration from the home's location and reinterpret that within the space." Her inspiration for this Pacific Palisades Home was their calming ocean view. While embracing the soft orbs in the design of her custom wall sconces, the first step was to fabricate several small ceramic prototypes for the client's review.


Unique handmade objects bring authenticity and personalization to your interior design project. Sarah designed this beautiful sculptural wall sconce specifically for the “Scandifornian” style peaceful Palisade's living room. The elegantly contoured surface was carved by hand from American Walnut by a trusted woodworker. The organic form and natural wood finish pairs perfectly with an exotic arrangement of heliconia, bringing the outdoors into the home.

Beginning with a sketch, Sarah's designs undergo several creative working stages. The initial sketch concept is further refined through hand-made miniatures, sculptural models and sometimes 3D design applications. These materials are essential to communicating her idea and are carefully referenced during the fabrication process to ensure design continuity.

Inside the woodworking studio, the prototype is compared to the raw sconce carving. The hand-carved details accentuate the soft billowing sculptural design. With a background in Fine Arts, Sarah ensures the most exceptional craftsmanship and personalization by working closely with specialized artisans throughout the fabrication process. Her unique lighting designs integrate functionality with sculptural beauty creating one-of-a-kind fixtures which act as artwork.

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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Photos by Steven Dewall and Abby Siniscal