Beverly Hills Bibliophile: Luxury High Rise Home Design


Nestled in a chic high-rise building, this colorful Beverly Hills suite features the owner’s impressive collection of books, art, custom furniture, installations, complete with natural and luxurious materials.

An expansive art collection lines the entryway and halls. Paintings, drawings, mixed media art, and the owner’s embroidery cover the deep blue walls. The thoughtfully curated collection includes contemporary artworks from across the globe with a focus on feminist portraiture and fiber art.


Floor to ceiling windows on two sides of the living room reveal unobstructed views of the city outside and are framed by a dracaena specimen and a large sculpture by Renae Barnard. Custom furniture commissioned for the homeowner, who needed the seat height of her chairs and sofa to have a custom raised seat height to enhance its ease of use. Tillandsia, low-maintenance “air” plants, dot the space throughout and are reminiscent of the environment outside.

The dining area features custom wall to wall shelving, displaying the owner’s beloved collection of books, plants, and sculptures. Bright blues and purples make the airy and light space feel both grounded and vibrant. Around the dining room table, a variety of vintage office chairs and a bench seat were upholstered with the same teal linen textile, allowing guests to experience their favorite seat comfortably.

An agate-inspired grasscloth wallpaper adds a natural and organic element to the plush, achromatic office. A custom desk made in a black powder-coated steel was designed to fit the owner’s specific needs perfectly. A custom bookshelf was also chosen to keep her books close at hand while seamlessly blending with the modern desk. Pillows embroidered with Picasso illustrations add sophisticated interest to the sleek dark sofa while a fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) adds life and color to the elegant workspace.


The master bedroom features a luxurious, award-winning, American black walnut bed frame by Autoban. The handcrafted headboard is lined with purple velvet, blending the natural texture with dark, feminine styling. A 300 thread count Egyptian cotton reversible duvet in custom color scheme adorns this California king bed (featuring an organic coconut mattress). Above, custom neon artwork reading “phantasmagoria” adds an ethereal glow. Plush black carpeting feels soft and comforting underfoot, and curtains allow the owner to sleep in total darkness. The two-tone purple walls were specially designed to draw attention to the art and to fulfill the owner’s request to have the bedroom “feel like a hug.”

by Kelsey Betancourt

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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Old World Elegance: Luxury Master Bedroom Suite


Give your home an old-world elegance by drawing inspiration from grand European interiors.  Use a darker color palette, and use wall texture to give your walls depth.  Through Sarah's design, this master bedroom transformed into an intimate and warm haven complete with elegant bed and plush tufted ottomans in colors ranging from mocha to chamois to beige to burnt sienna.

Accessorize your space with pottery and other mementos that recall European elegance.  Here Sarah gives reflective items highlights by placing a spark of rust that adorns twigs bundled at the hearth and places bronze tinted pots inside the inlaid wall.

To lighten this bathroom, Sarah uses a buttery blend of cinnamons lending itself well to the highly sought after soft light of such spaces.

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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Sexy Spaces

Creating a sexy space is all about the attitude of the area in question.  Not only are sensual spaces beautiful, but they are spaces of self-expression.  Check out these sexy spaces created by Sarah Barnard Design.


Surfboards painted by youthful members of LRO add interest to the conference room as works of art.


The Teen Choice Celebrity Gift Retreat was designed to be both fun and modern while emphasizing a commitment to sustainable practices.

This Ocean Avenue penthouse has a bird’s eye view of Santa Monica’s coastline. Eco-friendly furnishings, natural textiles, and organic rugs provide a perfect Zen retreat.

Vintage rattan coffee table ottomans pair perfectly with a sleeper sofa from Linea and lightweight linen sheer drapery.


 A therapeutic bathing tub, heated floor tiles and soothing views of nature enhance the splendor and comfort of this master bathroom.


Large multi-toned pebbles set the tone for this powder bathroom. This design melds classic Moroccan influences with the contemporary strategy for a delightfully balanced composition.


This former laundry room, now a master bath, has been transformed into an oasis retreat.


A breathtaking painted wall screen sets the tone for this sumptuous sitting room.

Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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