Old World Elegance: Luxury Master Bedroom Suite


Give your home an old-world elegance by drawing inspiration from grand European interiors.  Use a darker color palette, and use wall texture to give your walls depth.  Through Sarah's design, this master bedroom transformed into an intimate and warm haven complete with elegant bed and plush tufted ottomans in colors ranging from mocha to chamois to beige to burnt sienna.


Accessorize your space with pottery and other mementos that recall European elegance.  Here Sarah gives reflective items highlights by placing a spark of rust that adorns twigs bundled at the hearth and places bronze tinted pots inside the inlaid wall. 


To lighten this bathroom, Sarah uses a buttery blend of cinnamons lending itself well to the highly sought after soft light of such spaces.


Sarah Barnard designs healthy, happy, personalized spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art.

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